[Advaita-l] What can one do when one is dying?

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Wed May 3 04:29:23 EDT 2017

If moksha is the goal, one is better off working for it when one is hale
and hearty rather than when one is at death's door. Once jnAna is attained,
thoughts at the time of death do not matter.

However if one wishes to prepare for that moment, one can observe one's
thoughts just before falling asleep / or when falls sick to get an idea of
the dominant thought patterns in the subconscious. It is a useful indicator
but by no means definitive.

A useful exercise is to use those times as practice for guiding one's
thoughts towards Atma svarUpa or Ishvara - depending on one's ultimate aim.


On 3 May 2017 8:25 a.m., "Bhaskar YR via Advaita-l" <
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> One may talk 'n' no. of philosophies but who knows when the death comes !
> praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Very true prabhuji.  saMprApte sannihite kAle nahi nahi rakshati these dry
> philosophies...yaM yaM vApi smaran bhAvam tyajatyante kalevaraM ...what
> should be our bhAva when we are ready to shed our bhautika shareera ??
> well that depends on what saMskAra we have given to our mana during the
> entire life... Perhaps instinctive thoughts at troubling times during our
> life time would give us an idea of our dominant thought at the time of our
> death.  Even though we might be uncompromised advaitins,  during the
> difficult times if we remember our ArAdhya devata / ishta devata (without
> going by the philosophical stand that I am not BMI, no sukha /duHkha etc.
> for me etc.) and earnestly wants his/her divine intervention then most
> probably we would get that type of thought only at the time of our death.
> Sri Sadananda prabhuji some months back explained his near death experience
> and his dominating thought just before he was unconscious.  We had
> discussed at that time why an advaitin like Sri Sada prabhuji  did not get
> the dominating thought like Upanishad satya-s like  ahaM brahmAsmi,
> tattvamasi etc. instead remembering the lord's name.  Well again, to the
> question how we should be dying as an advaita sAdhaka  ?? IMHO, no common
> answer is possible as it depends on individual and needs to be decided on
> case to case basis :-)
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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