[Advaita-l] What can one do when one is dying?

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Dear all,

I think this question has been rightly posted and every sadhaka should be aware of what he needs to do,before death overtakes the physical body.

I sincerely thank Sadanandaji for his beautiful reply. I would also like to add here Sri Ramana's reply to major Chadwick who thought that he could go and fall in front of a running bus, thinking that he was brahman and that he would be freed from the vicious cycle of births and deaths after that. Sri Ramana sevrely reprimanded him and advised him to make all-out efforts at achieving unbroken, steady and firm self-abidance in the natural state as the only good option available 

Pranams once again, Ramesh Ramanan
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 Hari Om,
 Sadaji - Pranams
 what you wrote appears like dwaita.
 Your email got posted in advaita list.
 -- durga prasad
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 > My question: What should a sadhaka
 (not jnani) be cautious at the time of
 > death?
 > I understand it is difficult, but
 atleast what should I be aware of.
 > --------------
 > Durga prasad - PraNAms
 > It is very simple - Think of the
 Lord all the time or anytime you can with
 > sense of gratitude and fulfilment
 by seeing the presence of the Lord in
 > everything and being. -As a
 sadhaka - try to keep that vision as frequently
 > and and as long as 
 possible.  By practice and by giving up the other
 > wool-gathering thoughts one starts
 seeing the Lord in everything. abhyaasa
 > and vairagya - Krishna emphasizes
 for the sadhaka.
 > You may not see this get posted in
 advaital list. Hence cc to you.
 > Hari Om!
 > Sadananda
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