[Advaita-l] What can one do when one is dying?

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what you wrote appears like dwaita.

Your email got posted in advaita list.

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> My question: What should a sadhaka (not jnani) be cautious at the time of
> death?
> I understand it is difficult, but atleast what should I be aware of.
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> Durga prasad - PraNAms
> It is very simple - Think of the Lord all the time or anytime you can with
> sense of gratitude and fulfilment by seeing the presence of the Lord in
> everything and being. -As a sadhaka - try to keep that vision as frequently
> and and as long as  possible.  By practice and by giving up the other
> wool-gathering thoughts one starts seeing the Lord in everything. abhyaasa
> and vairagya - Krishna emphasizes for the sadhaka.
> You may not see this get posted in advaital list. Hence cc to you.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda

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