[Advaita-l] Bhamati DSV theory according to Siddhanta Bindu

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praNAms Sri rAmachandra Sastry prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Nice to notice that you are participating in group discussions more actively nowadays :-) My thoughts on your observations :

Though Jiva is Brahman in Svarupa, he certainly do not have the same capacity of Brahman.

> Yes, when jeeva realized that he is brahman the Advaita paramArtha i.e. na nirOdho nachOtpattiH would be realized in toto.  And as long as jeeva's parichinnatva is maintained / continued, he is entirely different from Ishwara and he could not  meet faculties of Ishwara at any stretch of imagination.  Hence bhAshyakAra insists that when there is a talk of creation, we have to invariably attribute the creatorship to Ishwara only and this is what vedAnta maryAda says shankara elsewhere.  Your quotes are quite appropriate in this regard.  

Brahman is superior to Jiva and creation , sustenance and dissolution are the works of Brahman.

>  Yes again, geeta, sUtra, shruti are the pramANa for this.  And yes, there is a jeeva srushti as well due to ajnAna / avidyA i.e. parichinnatvaM, asarvatvaM that will be eradicated by the dawn of paripUrNa jnana.  Though kArika somewhere says mrullOhavisphulingA etc. as we find in Upanishads is kevala upAya to drive home the point that brahman is ekameva and what is there is brahman only.  Shankara, while explaining the 'srushti prakriya'  never ever hesitate to declare Ishwara is the sole cause (abhinna nimittOpadAnakAraNa) of thiss jagat.  From the avidyA drushti, a jeeva sees the parichinnatva and asarvatvaM in jagat whereas the samyaK jnAni, seer, seeing and seen all are brahman only nothing else.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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