[Advaita-l] Debunking Drishti-Srishti Vada and Eka Jiva Vada - part 1

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>  Sri MS deviates from shankara  at some places ( though not Advaita hAni from it) is also the observation made by Sri Vidyashankara Sundareshan prabhuji.  So, it is not new to the advaitins here in this list atleast :-)

If Modi and you can read Sankara Bhashyas thoroughly you can see Bhakti to Narayana is there in them prominently.

Hare Krishna

I did not say Sri MS contradicts bhagavatpAda in the ‘bhakti to nArAyaNa’ topic ☺  I only mentioned Sri Vidya prabhuji observed in his write up on MS that he deviates / differs from mUlabhAshya of our AchArya.  I don’t remember his word to word observation with regard to this.  When I was very new to Advaita and when I had access to Advaita web page I had read these and asked him some doubts with regard to Post shankara advaitins.  During the course of these discussions I came to know that Sri MS deviates from mUlabhAshya on sUtra and geeta.  But I don’t know this deviation or difference means the  contradiction.  And at the same time I wonder if it is not contradiction why the word ‘deviation’ is used when comparing the mUlabhAshya with Sri MS works??  Perhaps it is prakirya pratipAdana bedha…not sure as I am not thoroughly familiar with  Sri MS works.

Adi Sankara has practically agreed with Bhagavata followers in the
Sutra Bhashya 2-2-42 on Supremacy of Narayana and importance of Bhakti and Araadhana to Narayana. He has said –

Ø   It would ideal for you if you take these quotes to those who donot agree nArAyaNa / Krishna’s supremacy ☺  And thanks for quoting these references which are apyAyamAna  to the vaishNava-s in advaitins  ☺

Where is the real deviation from Sankara Bhashyas?

Ø     Sri Vidya prabhuji might be of some help to us if he is free to concentrate on this topic.  But if I am right parA bhakti in Advaita is something different from dualistic bhakti in vaishNava saMpradAya.  Perhaps Sri MS’s propagation of bhakti concept was from the backdrop of vaishNava saMpradAya whereas shankara’s pro-advaitic non-dualistic bhakti.  Just guessing anyway ☺

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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