[Advaita-l] Debunking Drishti-Srishti Vada and Eka Jiva Vada - part 1

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>  Sri MS deviates from shankara  at some places ( though not Advaita hAni
from it) is also the observation made by Sri Vidyashankara Sundareshan
prabhuji.  So, it is not new to the advaitins here in this list atleast :-)
A : Yes, that's the point - MS deviates from Shankara. Hence in the context
of DSV, it may be said that Shankara's Advaita did not advocate/accommodate
 DSV. It's probably a post Vidyaranya/16th century development as there is
no direct evidence for it as we have in the later works.

Dear all,

Deviating from Shankara, if really there, need not be the same as
contradicting Shankara. The real test is whether such perceived 'deviation'
amounts to negate ' brahmaiva satyam, jagan mithya' and result in explicit
or implied advaita haani.

That said, the argument on the logic ' x concept is mentioned explicitly in
Y works, while it is not so found in pre-Y works and therefore it is
clearly a post period concept' is bound to cut the other way too:

Ideas and terms such as moolaavidya,  adhyasa, three levels of reality,
jagat mithya, sopadhika - nirupadhika Brahman, etc. are not explicitly
found at least in the major Upanishads.  Hence Shankara has contradicted
the Upanishads by introducing them. That such concepts are implicitly found
in the Upanishads is merely an interpretation and hence not a strong

The above argument is typical of an adversary of advaita. Such an argument
also can very well be a that of advaitins who do not accept Bhamati-
Vivarana as correctly representing Shankara.

Thus the fundamental premise of authors such as PM Modi is flawed and is
open to be applied to Shankara himself against the Upanishads.


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