[Advaita-l] Debunking Drishti-Srishti Vada and Eka Jiva Vada - part 1

Praveen R. Bhat bhatpraveen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 11:24:29 EDT 2017

Namaste Venkatraghavanji,

Apologies for answering a question asked to Subbuji...

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> ​​
> Could the order not be: 1) I see creation. 2) What I see is an appearance
> 3) Therefore there is no creation 4) I am all there is.

1 is SDV.
​2+3 = DSV.
4 is moksha.

> Once I conclude that what is seen is an appearance, why is it
necessary to attribute an causal agent for that appearance? If no causal
> agency is needed, there is no necessity for drishTa srishTi to follow
> srishTa drishTi before moksha.

​Ergo, Subbuji's statement is right.

--Praveen R. Bhat
/* येनेदं सर्वं विजानाति, तं केन विजानीयात्। Through what should one know
That owing to which all this is known! [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */

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