[Advaita-l] Regarding Padmanabhaswamy

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Thu Jul 13 08:05:22 EDT 2017

And he related the incident from the life of Ramanuja: While walking on a road there was a heavy downpour. Someone from a Shiva temple called Ramanuja to come inside for shelter from the rain. Ramanuja refused saying that just as a chaste woman would not go to another man, he would not step into a Shiva temple.

Hare Krishna

And I heard another crazy  narration like this from the life of Sri  rAmAnujAchArya, once he had no other choice but to walk in front of  the shiva / rudra temple, he immediately went to take a dip in river (nadee snAnaM)  and performed the mahA praAschitta kUshmAnda hOma to get rid of 'ashoucha'  as he has the sin of passing in front of smashANavAsi shiva's abode  :-) But  I really doubt Adi shesha avatAra Sri rAmAnujaachArya was such a narrow minded Achaarya!!  

Anyway as a matter of fact,  I myself seen in some Iyengar's house chamaka part (shaMcha me ) will not be recited during udaka shanti pArAyaNa  though it is a part of udaka shanti mantra :-)  Very funny indeed.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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