[Advaita-l] doubt on shAstra adhyApana

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Jul 13 02:30:19 EDT 2017


Just expressing a small doubt.  May be, off the topic !

I am aware that in Sringeri, the mahasannidhanam takes personal care in prasthAna-traya adhyayana & adhyApana
to His successor as well as to deserved disciples.  His Holiness Bharati Tirtha Swamiji Himself is a great scholar
in tarka shAstra and takes delight in reading shAstras that are prescribed for highly advanced sadhakas.  
Swamiji mastered both purva & uttara mimAmsa in no time.  Now, His Holiness is nurturing the successor 
and taking personal care in terms of anushtana, mantra japa and shAstra adhyayana.  

Is the similar thing observed in Kanchi Mutt & other AmnAya mutts like Puri & Dwaraka? Rarely I see acharyas of
Kanchi & Dwaraka engaging in shAstra chintana and prasthAna-traya-bhAsya chintana.  I have never seen
Sri.Jayendra Swamiji teaching personally the shAstrAs to Bala Swamiji (or is it done privately in serene atmosphere?)
My vedic & sanskrit teacher used to say that Mahaperiyaval used to take personal care to deserved mumukshus
and used to take classes on prasthAna-traya but somehow this sort of seriousness is lacking among the present ones.
Kanchi (aka Kumbakonam) mutt used to conduct 'advaita sabha' when stalwarts of advaita siddhAnta used to visit

Similarly, with Swarupananda Ji of Dwaraka.  They are tilted more towards pravrutti & laukika ways rather than
prasthAna-traya-bhAsya adhyayana & adhyApana.

As far as I know, Sringeri is the crest-jewel among the among the mutts that is committed to adhyayana & adhyApana
of prasthAna-traya.  Other ashrams like Arsha Vidya Trust, Chinmaya Mission, Kailash Ashrama, Dakshinamurti Mutt etc. 
are also teaching the Sankara literature to the sadhaks.  

Just thinking aloud !  


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