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Wow, that's interesting. And such pettiness/spiteful nature is very surprising to be found in a religious head! Especially a vedic one. Could this be the reason why Ranganatha swamy has a different posture? As in, a version of Vishnu without the Shiv ling?  Just my musings. 

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 A very learned contemporary scholar of the Ramanuja school, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan, during one of his tours to the USA and Canada, while addressing his hosting groups, made this advice: 'You may be asked in society by others to visit Shiva temple by saying 'are we not visiting Vishnu temples?'. But you should not pay heed to such entreaties.'   And he related the incident from the life of Ramanuja: While walking on a road there was a heavy downpour. Someone from a Shiva temple called Ramanuja to come inside for shelter from the rain. Ramanuja refused saying that just as a chaste woman would not go to another man, he would not step into a Shiva temple. 

I heard this talk some years ago. This scholar acknowledged that the Ranganathashtakam is of Shankaracharya. He also brought out a few fine points from Appayya Dikshita's 'Varadarājastava.' 


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Thanks. It is clear that the Cholas were Vaidiks and not Shaivas or Vaishnavas(or anti-vaishnavas). Now I am just thinking out loudly, was Ramanujacharya a heretic (as in, shunning everything related to Shiva/Shankaracharya) and then played the victim card? 
No offence to any great gurus or their devotees, this is just an academic interest. 


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