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Thanks. It is clear that the Cholas were Vaidiks and not Shaivas or Vaishnavas(or anti-vaishnavas). Now I am just thinking out loudly, was Ramanujacharya a heretic (as in, shunning everything related to Shiva/Shankaracharya) and then played the victim card? 
No offence to any great gurus or their devotees, this is just an academic interest. 

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The Cholas were probably the best rulers with high regard for Dharma in the entire South India/Deccan/south-east Asia region. Indians by default are very tolerant and never indulge in extremism. It baffles me how Chola kings did this. Is there a Chola side to the story as well?

About the Chola kings: https://jaideepprabhu.org/tag/ sri-ranganatha-swamy-temple/
 //It is worth noting that though the Cholas were Shaivites and the squabbling between the different mathas had started in their time, they continued to support all dharmic institutions within their realm.// 
// Apparently, the shrine was moved outside the temple premises during the reign of Kulothunga II in the early to mid 12th century but was returned to its present location by Krishnappa Nayak in the mid-1500s.//
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Kulothunga_Chola_III

//He is credited with building a number of temples, including the Sarabeswara Temple at Tribhuvanam in Kumbakonam district, Tamil Nadu, as well as the renovation and repairs to the two temples proclaimed as tutelary deities of the Cholas, namely the Shiva temple at Chidambaram and the Sri Ranganathaswami Temple of Srirangam. //
There are references to the effect that for the Chola-s, both Shiva and Vishnu were kuladeivam.  



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