[Advaita-l] An interesting observation by a Vishishtādvaitin

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Wed Jul 12 03:45:17 EDT 2017

The mind must play a role here otherwise we can make a computer to say Hari
Hari in the background we are doing Sravana of Bhagavan Naama and we expect
to go to Vaikuntha. That will not work. No body can unconsciously get
Moksha. Minimum requirement is Mind must be devoted to God. If you see
Gayatri Japa they say you have to do Mental Japa. Why? Because if you do
loud Japa your Mind will give responsibility of Japa to the Tongue and Mind
will wander to some other thoughts like family matters, money matters and
so on. Gayatri Japa will be on Tongue but Mind will be thinking totally
different thoughts.  In Mental Japa Mind cannot run away like that.

If Mind is devoted and sometimes there is a mistake it is alright. But
saying mechanical Japa with no role played by Mind will fetch Moksha is
ridiculous. Mind must be towards God also. All this Naama Japa comes under
Upaasana. In Upaasana Mind must be there. We cannot ignore Mind. That is
why they to say to atheists question 'Show me where is God?' the answer 'He
is in devotee's Mind'. The Mind is the Universe and it has everything. If
it wants it can be interested in worldly life or turn to God.

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> The name of the divine is more powerful than the divine is our belief. The
> sloka I quote "Harir harathi papani dhushta Chithair api smrutha
> :Anichayapi samsprushtum dhahathyeva hi pavaka :" This says that just like
> fire who ever touches even unintentionally does burn the nama of the Lord
> even uttered by bad minded ones will prove beneficial to that person. R.
> Krishnamoorthy.
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> That is really very nice one to hear.  The bhagavat tattva is like a
> powerful  fire, knowing or without knowing you touch it you feel it!!  Now
> the bagavat tattva has been restricted to only some nAma like keshava,
> maadhava, nArAyaNa, hari, vishNu etc. to feel its heat or can we call it by
> any name (without even knowing what exactly it means) and expect the
> results??  Again asking about the result is immaterial here since the karma
> / kriya (bhagavannaama smaraNa) what we are doing is without our conscious
> effort to 'achieve' 'some' result. For example we might be thinking about
> 'hariNi' but the nAma 'hari' in the word hariNi would / should fetch us the
> required purity through  'hari karuNa.  But I don’t think that is what is
> intended when eulogizing the importance of mere remembering nAma over bhAva.
> In this regard would like to recall the dialogue of HH Sri Chandrashekhara
> bhArati swAminaH on skipping one's own dharma / duty and spending the time
> on nAma smaraNa / bhajana instead.  Might be available somewhere in web I
> think.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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