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Dear Sri Dinesh,

All jīva-s, by default, have the three-fold body-mind complex. The three
are: gross body (sthūla śarīram), subtle body (sūkṣma śarīram) and causal
body (kāraṇa śarīram). The antaḥkaraṇa is a component of the subtle body.
Every jiva will have all these three bodies till one attains mokṣa. Sukha
and duhkha are experienced in the antahkarana. Animals too have these


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> /.\
> sAshtAnga praNAma
> Respected learned members,
> do animals, other than humans, have antakaraNa, or some  of it's
> components?
> (As per our accepted traditions, and not modern science)
> In vyavahaara, we tend to assume animals don't have it. While some stories
> in puraaNas speak otherwise.
> Thanks in advance.
> \!/ iti gOvinda smaraNam \!/
> Dinesh BN
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