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> Ishwara, Guru and Atman - All One
> The Vedantic concept of the oneness of Ishwara, Guru and the Atman (jiva)
> is brought out by Sureshwaracharya in the Manasollasa.
> "Ishwaro Gururatmeti Murti bheda Vibhagine,
> Vyomavad vyapta dehaya Dakshinamurataye namah.
> (There is no difference between the Guru, Self and God. Obeisance to Lord
> Dakshinamurthy who is the personification of the Supreme Self that
> permeates through Space)

The above verse is recited devoutly by Advaitins before and after the daily
Vedanta study, as part of the shanti pāṭha.


> This idea is rendered beautifully in these two verses of the Kaivalya
> Navneetam, an ancient Tamil Vedantic text, very dear to Bhagavan Sri
> Ramana. When Ramana was new in Tiruvannamalai, some people, sensing his
> realized state, used to come to him and read out books. This text was one
> of them. From hearing the messages of such texts, Ramana came to know that
> the realization that he had had was that contained in those messages:
> ஐயனே எனது உள்ளே நின்று அனந்த சன்மங்களாண்ட
> மெய்யனே உபதேசிக்க வெளிவந்த குருவே போற்றி
> உய்யவே முக்தி நல்கும் உதவிக்கு ஒர் உதவி நாயேன்
> செய்யுமாறு ஒன்றுங் காணேன் திருவடி போற்றி போற்றி!
> Here the devotee thanks the guru for having remained as his innermost self
> during all his countless incarnations.he wants to know how to repay for the
> grace shown by the guru which helped him to attain realisation.
> சிட்டனிவ்வாறு கூறத் தேசிகர் மகிழ்ந்து  நோக்கிக்
> கிட்டவா வென விருத்தி கிருபயொடருளீச் செய்வார்
> துட்டமாம் தடைகள் மூன்றும் தொடராமற் சொரூப ஞான
> நிட்டனாய் இருக்கின் ஈதே நீ செய்யும் உதவியாமே
> The master draws the disciple near and says lovingly,"to stay fixed in the
> self without  the three obstacles [ignorance,doubt and knowledge derived
> from false premises] obstructing your experience,is the highest return you
> can render me.
> -கைவல்ய நவனீதம்
> - Kaivalya Navaneetham

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