[Advaita-l] Definition of 'anubhava'

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Namaste to all.


To assimilate important values and for implementing them in their practical life, I explain the following illustration’ and conduct a special ‘Values Assimilating Technique (VAT)’, to my yoga students and they find it works for them.  Even for Self knowledge,  For explaining the ‘understood knowledge’ and the ‘assimilated knowledge’, 

The same illustration could hold good. 


Illustration : Suppose I have been measuring my height from my childhood in feet and inches, if anyone tells his height in ‘feet & inches’, I immediately  ‘experience’ as to how much tall, he could be. This ‘approximation’ will ‘reflect’ in my mind effortlessly (स्मृतिभिन्नज्ञानम्). But, if he says his height in centimeters, it will take some time and effort  to get the approximation. Though I know (by heart) the relationship among ‘feet, inches & centimeters’, the level of conviction of height in ‘feet & inches’ is much more deeper than in ‘centimeters’ for the said reason. .


Similarly, for the group-discussed ‘akanda akara vruthi’ to take place in the ‘antha karana’ of the the seeker, re-orientation of the ‘long time precipitated self identification’ with body & mind due to ignorance has to be replaced by the identification with ‘atman’. This can happen with successful ‘sravanam, mananam & nidhithyasanam’  under  a ‘traditional ’ teacher  ‘srothriya bhramma nishta’ Then, spontaneous ‘reflection’ giving the unique tranquillity at normal times and ‘timely prompting’ of one’s original nature will take place effortlessly in time of need.



Please excuse me if this information is superfluous to the readers because my screen reader does not read all the postings. 





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