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Sreenivasa Murthy - PraNams
If thoughts are arising constantly - how do you know that? Without my knowledge any thought arise and disappear? 
Thoughts are objects and hence its existence and its contents are known only by the subject, I. Without I present , first thought cannot arise and second they cannot be known. Hence Existence of a thought is established by the knowledge of its Existence. 

Hence kenopanishad says - I AM is revealed in every thought - pratibodha viditam matam.
Problem is we get carried away by the contents of the thought without paying attention to that because of which the existence and the contents of the thoughts are revealed.
Meditation is - using the thought but paying attention to the that which illumines the thought and not to the thought content. It is easier to  do  if the same thought is repeated. That is the essence of Japa Yoga.
Hope this helps.
Hari Om!Sadananda

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Dear friends,    I came across the following questions when I was reading book:            Thoughts and experiences are arising and setting constantly.Do you cease to be present and aware as the thoughts appearand disappear?Who observes the passing of thought?When the thought is gone, do you cease to be present andaware? 

Are the above questions have any bearing upon Atmajnana? Is there any answer for them in the Upanishads? Do the Upanishads deal with such questions? 
I request the scholars in this group to help me in getting the answers to these questions .I will be grateful for this help.
With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy.

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