[Advaita-l] Dayanand Saraswathi interview - Very interesting stand taken by Swami

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> This is why it's impossible to debate on philosophical grounds.

This is most definitely a wrong understanding of Vedanta proper. The entire
manana, which Bhashyakara helps us do raising pUrvapakSha, is in the form
of a debate on philosophical grounds.

> Because people try to reconcile with their own understanding.

No, it has to be put inline with Shruti. And if it is already is, then one
needs to stop objecting as to how the other got this knowledge and throw
mud at the other calling it "cheesy one-liner". If you don't understand it,
fine. If someone who is more qualified than you and me understands it, that
should also be fine.

> Again, if you are willing to analyse it critically, then you have to
> consider that there is no tvam pada in this self-inquiry method.
I am quite certain that you meant tat-pada, unless you are confused there
also! :) And that also would be wrong, since self-inquiry of RM on
tvam-pada includes tat-pada as it is in DSV. Not everything has to be as
per SDV.

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