[Advaita-l] Dayanand Saraswathi interview - Very interesting stand taken by Swami

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Namaste Kripaji,

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> Namaste,
> Just thought I'd add these final points :-
> In spite of all the arguments made, the point made by LalitaalalitaaH
> still holds good.

True, Swamiji presented very logical arguments based on shAstras as he has
thoroughly studied them. But he did not make the point you are making!

> That RM categorically stated that, the basis for his 'non-dual experience'
> was the 'death experience' (whatever that is).

I am not sure if you have studied tarkashAstra, but this statement of yours
would mean that death experience is the cause of his non-dual experience.
And if you meant that itself, no, RM has said that self-inquiry followed
this. It is therefore understood that such inquiry on experience is the
basis for his "non-dual experience" (whatever you think that is).

> So RM himself never claimed that he was a Vedantin. ‎
You are contradicting yourself for the umpteenth time again! If he never
claimed he was a Vedantin, what is your problem about his saying anything
"mystic" or not?! Moreover, how then can you even opine that is he "flag
bearer of the neovedantins"!

> Another fact which I am merely stating is -

There is nothing "mere" about anything that you say; you just keep opening
one can of worms after another. Please put this very doubt as well to any
scholar that you speak to next.

> He didn't attain samadhi on his own will.

This is a new addition, not repetition, I'll give you that. :)

> He died because of a fatal disease.
As opposed all Vedantins dying of svecchA! This is hilarious, thanks. :D
Moreover, he would surely ask you as to who died, be it of a fatal disease
or svecchA.


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