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H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 23:51:23 CST 2017

Dear Sri Subrahmanian Ji,

Would it be posible to persuade at least some more scholars to become
members of the forum and participate in the discussions. I think this has a
better chance of success as we may not be able to find many scholars who
would be willing to discuss or advise totally unknown persons and without
knowing their level of understanding.


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> Dear Friends,
> In our journey on the path of Vedānta the need for committed study has been
> emphasized by the tradition handed down to us. The Upaniṣad itself teaches
> śravaṇam, mananam and nididhyasanam based on authoritative sources. It
> would benefit our quest much more if we, in the present day, inculcate the
> practice of being in touch with noted scholars. There are quite a number of
> such accomplished scholars today in India who are only too willing to help
> us by clarifying doubts, guiding us with the proper texts, etc. Even though
> some traditional scholars may not be very well versed in English, yet they
> can in some or the other way establish a dialogue with us if only we
> initiate it with them.
> Then, scholars there from all language backgrounds in India, both in the
> South and in the North. Thus Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu,
> Marathi, etc. can be employed to converse with them. With telephone and
> email we can be in touch with them on topics of Vedanta, Samskrita, Nyaya,
> etc.
> Just last week a friend of mine in Chennai spent hours over days with MM
> Sri Krishnamurti Sastrigal, taking his help in making corrections to a book
> the former has translated. Many others have consulted other scholars on
> various such purposes and benefited from the treasure house of knowledge
> that they are.
> I think we have to shed any inhibitions we might have and go all out to
> make the best use of their rich resources.  We can collectively prepare a
> list of such scholars and their contact details and make that available to
> members.
> I request other members interested in this to come forward with whatever
> information they have to make this initiative a workable one.
> Thanks and regards
> subrahmanian.v
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