[Advaita-l] Tasya bhaasaa sarvam idam vibhaati

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Dear Chndramouliji,

Yes, mind is an inert instrument, but the higher mind, that is Chitta, which includes mind, ego and Intellect, gets illumined by consciousness. Correct me if necessary.

Sunil KB

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  Pranams Sri Sadananda
 Ji,    Reg  << Similarly without the mind
 the pure all pervading consciousness
 cannot be RECOGNIZED. >>,    But it
 also needs to be recognized that the mind is
 also only an inert instrument
 through which
 Chaitanyam (Consciousness)  “recognizes” itself. Of
 “as though”. The mind is
 illumined by Chaitanyam.  That is the meaning of
 << Tasya bhaasaa sarvam idam vibhaati
 >>.    Regards
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