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North Indian Brahmins like Kashmir Brahmins take meat and Bengali
Brahmins eat fish. But we cannot say they are committing sin. The
Sampradaya itself is allowing them to eat meat and fish. But South
Indian Brahmin cannot use that excuse and eat meat and fish. Because
it is not in his Sampradaya.

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> //
> meat eating was permitted in  brAhmaNa community not just as hOma shesha or prasAda but recommended for regular food intake.
> //
> The sampradaya got degraded and corrupted to regular food intake. Such a yAga is परिसंख्या विधि
> and such an act shows अभिनिवेश (attachment) towards मांसभक्षण.
> The Bhagavata says:
> ते मे मतमविज्ञाय परोक्षं विषयात्मकाः ।
> हिंसायां यदि रागः स्याद यज्ञ एव न चोदना ॥ (भागवत ११।२१।२६-३०)
> Translation:
> If one cannot avoid pashu-himsa and mamsa-bhakshana and is attached to it,
> then he may do so in yajna.  They are ignorant of My परोक्ष अभिप्रायः (My intended opinion)
> about the dharma which is परिसंख्या and not अपूर्व .
> regs,
> sriram
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