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Hare Krishna

Further to my below observations, Sri SSS clearly expresses his doubt about the vAkya bhAshya whether it is from 'Sri shankaraachaarya'.  He observes in the introduction : (please read it in Kannada) vAkya bhAshyavu padabhAshyakArarade yendu nambuvudakku adu Sri shankaraacharyarade yendu nambuvudakku heege kelavu addigaliruttiddaru......rough translation : Even though there are somany hindrances to believe that vAkya bhAshya is from the padavAkya bhAshyakAra and there is a difficulty in believing  that that (vAkya bhAshya) bhAshya is from Sri Shankarachaarya.....

After this observation he continues and say that  there is a strong evidence that both pada & vAkya bhAshya are from shankarachaarya ACCORDING TO the author of nArayaNa virachita kenopanishat deepika.  And further he explains his stand on this vyAkhyAna as well.  

And elsewhere as I said in my previous mail, Sri SSS, after citing the contradictions between these two bhAshya-s ( in all these instances & observations he only doubts the author of vAkya bhAshya ) he clearly says :  ( please read it in Kannada) : inthA aneka  kaaraNagaLinda vAkya bhAshyavu Acharyaradu aagiralaaradu embudakke edeyannu koduttade. ( Due to somany reasons like this, there is a provision to say that this vAkya bhAshya is not from the pen of Achaarya) 

For Kannada knowers the above observation by Sri SSS  is self-explanatory.

And again as I said earlier, late Prof. SK Ramachandra Rao ( a traditional scholar, erstwhile head of Kalpataru Reasearch Fondation, Sringeri Shankara Matha, Bengaluru) in one of his works clearly states that :

// quote //

it may be noted that kena has two commentaries, both ascribed to shankara pada and vAkya bhAshya.  But the views expressed in these two are not identical, indeed some of them are conflicting.  vAkya bhAshya appears to be later and less mature.  


With this I would like to rest my case.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

I think the points raised by SSS on the two bhashyas of Sankara on Kenopanishad deserve careful looking into. After all a great commentator like sankara is not likely to contradict himself.

>  And while making these observations Sri SSS gives more importance to pada bhAshya,  as this bhAshya,  according to him,  more close to the style of other Upanishad bhAshya-s.  Elsewhere he observes that due to all these reasons, there is a room to say that kena vAkya bhAshya cannot be from the pen of Acharya.  KAryAlaya in the third edition of this bhAshya, published ONLY pada bhAshya citing the similar reasons.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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