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I think the points raised by SSS on the two bhashyas of Sankara on
deserve careful looking into. After all a great commentator like sankara is
not likely
to contradict himself.


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> Dear Vidyasankarji,
> I admire your very critical look at things.  From you mail it is clear
> that you are not convinced in Keshav kshmiri Bhattacharya being the 33rd
> Nimbarkacharya. I would have been happy if  you would have told us as to
> what you think about the date of Suka, the guru of Gaudapadacharya. I am
> reminding you lest you have overlooked that
> Regards,
> Sunil KB
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>  Dear
>  Vidyashankarji,
>  Like the Avogadro's Hypothesis in science, the
>  hypothesis that Adi Shankara wrote sixteen (16) bhashyas may
>  stand tall, particularly because  the Brihat Shankara
>  Vijaya as well as the work of Shri Vidyaranya combined with
>  commentary on it says so, until someone gives another proven
>  figure to contest that.
>  Till I see credible reports of
>  actual manuscripts of this so called bRhacchankaravijaya
>  having been found, I'll be extremely skeptical, even
>  dismissive, of arbitrary claims conveniently attributed to
>  that text. Whatever flights of fancy you choose to believe
>  is your problem sir. Please do not expect everyone else to
>  subscribe to the same fancy!
>  Kindly permit me to say that I have no reason to believe
>  that  there have been people  all around, who have been
>  conspiring against the Sringeri
>  math.
>  This statement of yours is so
>  laughable as to not deserve any response, so I'm not
>  going to give you one. I just wonder how some generic doubt
>  about authorship of one or the other text becomes an issue
>  about the Sringeri lineage in your mind! There is no
>  connection at all that anybody else can see, but please,
>  have at it. I'm done, trying to respond sensibly to your
>  latest round of desperate attempts in this
>  misdirection.
>  Best
>  regards,Vidyasankar
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