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Dear Vidyashankarji,

Yes, precisely for that very  reason I was asking in the group as to what
the sixteen (16) Bhashyas that Adi Shankara wrote. I also asked what were
the texts Vidyashankara wrote.

And I reiterate, there is nothing hard and fast about this number 16. And I
reiterate, the advaita tradition does not recollect any texts as having
been written by vidyASankara. Instead, we recollect numerous texts written
by his immediate disciples. See, that is the beauty of our lineage. A
person does not need to be a prolific author of texts in order to be
remembered centuries after his life. And such remembrance happens in a
widespread manner, not just in some unique story written up in some obscure
work which is then relentlessly advertised.

Probably Sri Visyashankar wrote the Devi Aparadha Ksamapana Stotra,which
was composed by the author at the age of 85 years. Sri Vidyashanlkar seems
to fit in as he was  the pontiff for 80 years when he left for Kanchipuram
in1198 CE.  Probably it pained him a lot in leaving the math blessed by
Mother Sharada  and he could have written that stotra for that raeson. . If
you know about the writer of that stotra, you can kindly share.

Sorry, in light of what I've written above, I am not going to indulge such
fanciful speculations. Now, your attention is no longer on the gItAbhAshya
or the Kena vAkyabhAshya, but has suddenly shifted to a stotra. Could we
please maintain the focus of this particular thread?

I marvel at your ability to jump from one thing to another, coming up with
some wonderful story with your own unique insights into the minds of people
from ages ago, with no pramANa whatsoever behind them. You use the word
probably a lot, in an attempt to give your unbridled speculations some
acceptance, both for yourself and for your readers.

Sorry, advaita vedAnta is not about syAdvAda. Let's get our attention on
what is "ityeva" instead of the innumerable "iti syAt" scenarios, shall we?

Happy Sankranti wishes to you,

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