[Advaita-l] Dayanand Saraswathi interview - Very interesting stand taken by Swami

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Fri Jan 13 12:26:46 CST 2017

In "Jivanmukti in Transformation", Andrew Fort reports speaking to
Mahasannidhanam (Bharati Tirtha SwamigaL) in Hindi and reports that his
opinion is that Ramana was not a jivanmukta like Vidyaranya or Abhinava
Vidyatirtha, but a mahant. I think that's a trustworthy source.

Of course I wonder what your issue is. If you look at what RM actually
wrote and translated, they are solidly in mainstream advaita. His (at least
Indian) devotees pretty much engage in the usual practices - srichakra
worship, vedic recitations, so on and so forth. Yes, it's problematic that
some people go to Thiruvannamalai and declare themselves "enlightened", but
that's hardly the problem of Ramana Maharshi? Such people will find
something or the other to fool themselves/others with.


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> Namaste Vidyasankar,
> Thanks for the clarification. Yes, that is the only option. However, I am
> not sure if Bharati teertha Swamiji will entertain such questions. On a
> second thought, he is also known to be a large hearted person. So perhaps
> I'll get an answer to this one way or the other.
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> ‎Regards
> Kripa ‎

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