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Thank you for quoting from memory. So what Mayeda says about SSS's view is correct. After going through the details, if you can share more, kindly do. I am trying to get a copy of Mayeda's paper, and If I succeed I shall share that with the group(s).

praNAms Sri Sunil KB prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Sorry, yet to look at the Kannada commentary by Sri SSS on KenOpanishat.  In the meanwhile if you are getting confused with regard to Sri SSS’s stand on kena vAkya bhAshya after reading some other observations, it is better to be noted that he not only comments on this topic only in this book he takes this and other ‘popular’ works as well in his other Kannada works and CLEARLY expresses his opinion whether some works are Adi shankara’s or not.  No ambiguity here and he did not leave it to other scholars to decide on what he opinioned.  For example while taking the prakaraNa grantha-s like viveka chudAmaNi and mahAvakya darpaNa for his comments, he clearly says in the introduction that both these prakaraNa-s are not from the prasthAna traya bhAshyakAra but it is from the pen of Sri shankarAnanda who wrote the commentary on geeta in the name of geetA tAtparya bodhini.  If my memory serves me right, in Advaita-L, almost a decade back I have shared his observation on VC on this list itself.  No need to mention, since Sri SSS’s works and observations do not amicably gel with that of Amnaya  traditional thinkers in this list, it is better to stop this discussion here itself especially with regard to authorship and related issues that which goes against the traditional stand.  This is my humble request to you.  By the way he does not expresses any doubts with regard to Adi shankara’s geeta bhAshya, he observes, though the word ‘bhakti’ takes a special place in geeta bhAshya unlike Upanishad and sUtra bhAshya from the same author.  So here he disappoints you ☺

Let these things be aside prabhuji, if at all you are interested to pursue this matter further, off the list, if possible, next week, I shall share his observation on kena vAkya bhAshya after referring Sri SSS’s commentary on kena and other svatantra grantha-s of his.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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