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When we do the Gayatri japa ten times we simultaneously move the thumb gradually moving from the middle of the ring finger to the end of the index finger, moving  in a circuitous way. That is how we keep the count and by the force of habit it occurs naturally. Can we not call it a sort of mudra during the Gayatri-japa as it helps and  we don't have to keep the count separately  to know when the japa is over.  

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 Mudra is not mandatory;
 कृष्ण पण्डित writes as:
 "जपादौ न्यास
 मुद्रादिकं कुर्वन्ति
 केचित । तत्तु न वैदिक
 कर्माङगं; किन्तु
 गायत्री उपासकानां
 मन्त्र सन्ध्याङ्गं ।
 तत्तु आवश्यकता न भवति
 । किन्तु तेन कृते
 अभ्युदयः , अकृते न
 जपादि कर्म वैगुण्यं
 मिति लभ्यते"
 The न्यास and मुद्रा are not vaidika
 and it’s omission doesn't lead to pratyavAya dosha;
 however performance leads to abhyudaya.  
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