[Advaita-l] Happiness in the Deep-Sleep State

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> PraNAms
> Since there is not much input into the topic other than from Sri Chandramouli -I will pose another question.
> How do we experience the waking state, dream state and deep sleep states? I am not referring to objective knowledge that involves tripuTi. How do we know the waking state, dream state and deep sleep states. This can be extended to the samaadhi state too.
> Any inputs?
> Hari Om!Sadananda

IMHO the waking and other states are part of Maayaa only and they are
not satya. But they may be Vyaavahaarika Satya. Only in Vyavahaara we
can talk about those waking, sleep and dream states. Therefore the
Ganapati Upanisad has said "Tvam Avasthaatrayaateetaha" You are beyond
the three states. We have to go beyond the three to the Fourth. In
chemistry there are three states commonly known as solid, liquid and
gas. But there is a fourth state also beyond the three.

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