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Dear Chandramouliji,

Thank you again. This time the quote is acceptable to modern thinkers. 

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 Dear Sri
 Vidyasankar Ji, 
 The following is
 from Guruparampara of Sri Kamakoti
 Sri Abhinava
 Sankarendra Saraswati : He was one of the greatest
 among the successors of Adi
 Sankara, so great indeed that he and his deeds are often
 confounded with those
 of the Great Bhagavatpada and his deeds. His life story has
 been described in
 detail in a work entitled the "Sankara Vilasa" by
 Vakpati Bhatta. His
 father was one Visvajit of Chindambaram. He was invested
 with Yajnopavita at
 the age of five and taught Vedas. He showed an extraordinary
 promise in
 dialectics and soon he became a formidable disputant on
 intricate questions in
 philosophy. He defeated Vakpati Bhatta, a great scholar of
 that time, in
 argument. He ascended the Savajna Pitha in Kashmir. It is
 said that he entered
 the Dattatreya cave in the Atreya Mountains in the Himalayas
 on Amavasya in the
 month of Ashada of the cyclic year Slddharti (840 AD) and
 that it was the end
 of his mortal career. >>. 
 He has been listed
 as the 38th Peethadhipathi
 of the Mutt. 
 Just for

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