[Advaita-l] [advaitin] The Bhashyas of Adi Shankara

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Tue Jan 10 06:59:32 CST 2017

Sri Vidyasankar Ji, Sri Sunil Ji, and Sri Venkatraghavan Ji,


I was just reading a kannada book “Guruvilasa Tarangini (Karnataka Srimad
Shankara Vijaya) “ by Sri Shesha Sharma, and came across the following
story concerning Abhinava Shankara. I thought it may be of interest and
hence reproduced the same here.  Translation from kannada is mine.

Quote  << Some persons have comeout with several texts  portraying the
thirty third pontiff of Sri Kamakoti Peetham Sri Abhinava Shankara as Adi
Shankara himself. This Abhinava Shankara was born in Chidambaram to Sri
Viswajit and Srimathi Vishishtha. Since the father passed away while the
child was still in the womb, the mother was frightened and did not give
birth to the child in the normal course but protected the same for almost
three years and thereafter gave birth in the year 3896 after the start of
Kaliyuga, Vibhava Samvatsara Vaishakha Shudha Dashami and left the child in
a forest. It was found there and  broughtup  by Sage Vyaghrapada who was on
one of his travels, who duly performed the Upanayanam ceremony also in its
fifth year. In due course Sri Bhagavatpada ( Adi Shankara ) along with Sri
Padmapadacharya gave darshan to the child ( the word mentioned in kannada
is vivikta darshana, I am mentioning it here since I did not understand its
significance properly and could not translate it accurately) and gave the
child his pAdukas. The child continued in Chidambaram doing pUjas to the
pAdukAs where it came to the notice of the Pontiff of Kamakoti Peetham
Swami Vidyadhana the Third who then gave him sanyasa diksha with the yOga
patta of Abhinava Shankara and made him his successor. This Abhinava
Shankara also became very famous like Sri Bhagavatpada (Adi Shankara). >>

Thought could be of some interest.


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