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Thanks for clarifying, Subbuji. It does seen an odd interpretation though -
I thought it had something to do with AchArya being born / conceived after
his parents did kUShmANDa homa(s).


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>>  Pathak also refers to Shankara
>> being called as kUShmANDa jAta in the mss., but that reference doesn't
>> appear in the slokas quoted in the paper. Incidentally, while Pathak says
>> that the reasons why AchArya is called so are well known, frankly I do not
>> know what they are.
> One of the Vijaya-s (not mādhavīya) holds that Shankara was born of a
> pumpkin/ash gourd. If this is the case then the reference is to Adi
> Shankara, as per that vijaya.
> regards
> vs
>> In any case, it is reasonable to suppose that slokas 5 to 8, which are not
>> quoted, are likely to be guru parampara slokas. We need to examine these
>> to
>> see if there is anything in there which supports an interpretation of
>> navAvatAra as referring to another individual.
>> Whether Adi Shankara or another, nava Shankara, is the subject of the
>> mss.,
>> the point that the mss. considers that individual as the author of the
>> brahma sUtra bhAshya remains in either case.
>> Does someone have a copy of / Has someone seen the manuscript in question?
>> Regards,
>> Venkatraghavan

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