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Dear Vidyasanarji,

Can you please attach the paper of Pathak?

Sunil kKB
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 > Dear Subbuji,
 > I think Sri  Nava Shankara was indeed a great scholar
 and if I remember correctly the manuscript, which Pathak
 found and on that basis he (Pathak) wrote a paper, Nava
 (Abhinava) Shankara was born  in 788 CE in Chidambaram.
 This Nava Shankara is reported to have also written many
 texts including bhashyas and had gone to Kashmoir as well as
 to Kailash. 
 Dear Sunilji,
 I have read Pathak's paper in the Indian
 Antiquary. It says nothing about Nava Shankara or about
 Chidambaram. The paper attributes the date 788 CE to Adi
 Shankara and nobody else. You cannot cite Pathak in support
 of this fanciful theory of an 8th century Nava Shankara.
 There might have some confusion in the past as the name of
 both Adi Shankara and the Nava Shankara was Shankara.  It
 appears that Anantaanandagiri  had written a biography of
 Nava Shanaka.  Antarkar had done some work on the
 shankaravijayas  as part of his PhD work but did not
 continue that work to sort out all confusions
 Sorry, anantAnandagiri also says nothing about
 Nava Shankara. His text claims to be an account only of Adi
 Shankara. However, it is an extremely problematic text.
 At the risk of sounding like I'm doing
 self-promotion, please note that I have published an
 extensive paper in the year 2000, published in The
 International Journal of Hindu Studies, examining
 Antarkar's papers as well as many of the original
 Sankaravijaya texts. I have sent this by email to you as
 well. I am only mentioning this here so that others
 following this thread are aware of it. I
 too hope that further research is taken up on these texts,
 but I hope that whoever does it adopts sound research
 methodology and works towards clarifying matters rather than
 confusing them even further. Regards, Vidyasankar
 > May be there is scope for more research
 and hope some university or some organization will sponsor
 PhD level research in this area.
 > Regards,
 > Sunil KB
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 >  > Namaste Sri
 >  Vidyasankar,
 >  > The number of the works
 >  that are called bhAshya in the mAdhavIya Sankara
 >  > vijaya (I sent the references earlier)
 >  when read in conjunction with the
 >  >
 >  DiNDima appear to be 16 in number. The next verse in
 >  Sankara vijaya
 >  > says that Adi Sankara
 >  wrote innumerable granthAs such as upadeSa sAhasri,
 >  > so these are apparently classified in a
 >  different category compared to
 >  >
 >  bhAShyas.
 >  >
 >  There is also a text called
 >  'hastāmalaka-bhāṣyam' which is admitted
 >  the
 >  tradition to be a commentary penned by
 >  Shankara on the verses given out by
 >  the
 >  disciple Hastamalaka. This text is also published by
 >  Vani Vilas
 >  Press, Srirangam.
 >  regards
 >  vs
 >  >
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