[Advaita-l] Dashavataras as per Harivamsha

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That does not make any difference at all. It is clearly established in the shastras / Puranas that animals sacrificed in yajnas attain higher worlds. There is an instance in Matsya Purana about this topic. I can give reference if needed. This Ahimsa as meant by this pundit and by Buddha, whether I or I I, is completely against the vedic view as mentioned previously. So apparently Vishnu has got the fundamentals wrong.  Further, animals were being sacrificed from times immemorial. How did it suddenly become hinsa? The same yajnas involving animal sacrifices were practised by the Pandavas as advised by none other than Krishna, another avatara. 
‎Secondly the Madhvas do not have credibility as they have perpetuated a series of lies. A guru/shiva nindaka is considered a great saint by them, so should we have comparisons with them. So it's immaterial what they believe when we have first hand evidence from Vyasa! 

You will have to inevitably view it from a more socio-political angle. It is similar to some reformer banning an already dead practise such as Sati. More over, we do not know much about this pundit nor the sources from which he is quoting. Above all, none of it makes any difference as we have clear evidence to the contrary. 

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Vyasaya Vishnu roopaya Vyasa roopaya Vishnave 
Namo vai Brahma nidhaye Vasishtaya namo namaha 
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> Namaste Subramanian, 
> To my knowledge, there is no mention of Buddha at all in the Mahabharata. 
> Almost in every chapter of the Mahabharata, the Vedic yajnas are given utmost importance as can be seen in the Gita as well. Further, the definition of Ahimsa is starkly different in the Vedas /MB. For eg, harsh speech is also considered as himsa as per Shastras. So Vishnu getting up from yoga nidra and donning an avatara to oppose everything that is held sacred in the Vedas is just not sane. 

Here there is a proposal for two Buddhas:


Madhvas believe in Buddha avatars.


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