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praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I am noway a competent analyser of these assertions from Sri Shuddha Chaitanya brahmachAri and I donot know in which context the role of karmAnushtAna being emphasized here and indicated as sAdhana (means) for the mOksha.  Reading literally all these statements gives us the impression that karma is must and means to jnana but I am sure that is not the intention of the writer nor it is the shankara hrudaya as we all know karma is not a direct means to jnAna.  For example,  in the very first statement there is a word 'nishkAma' with regard to shrouta and smArta karmAnushtAna..No doubt here writer emphasizing on the karma phala tyAga...like this we have to understand the role of karma and its anushtAna in advaita sAdhana mArga in the remaining statements of his.  Anyway, this is my opinion.  Kindly pardon me if you think I am too fussy when it comes to jnana sAdhana mArga which is prescribed after chitta shuddhi through karmAnushtAna and karma phala saNyAsa.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

There was a brahmachari by name "Shuddha Chaitanya" who lived about 50 years ago.  Currently, don't know the whereabouts.  He used to correspond in sanskrit with my teacher.  

In one of His letters, He gave 8 sUtrAs (formulae) which spoke about the means of advaita-siddhi.  These 8 sUtrAs are in sanskrit that emphasise the importance of karma kANDa.

Given below is my free liberal translation. 


1)    श्रौतस्मार्तेषु नित्येषु कर्मसु युक्तस्य निष्कामस्य परंब्रह्मविविदिषोः आर्षाणि दर्शनानि प्रादुर्भवन्ति आत्मादिविषयाणीति

One should perform the nitya karmas as per the injunctions of shruti, smriti. With the performance of such actions, to such a jignAsu, the “brahma-tattva” shines forth by itself 

2)    प्राक् ब्रह्मविज्ञानात् नियमेन कर्तव्यानि श्रौतस्मार्तकर्माणि

Prior to brahma sAkSAtkAra, one should diligently perform the actions as prescribed by shruti & smriti

3)    संस्कृतस्यहि विशुद्धसत्वस्य आत्मज्ञानमंजसैवोत्पद्यते

To him, whose mind, thus purified by the karma, the Atma jnAna dawns 

4)    विद्योत्पत्यर्थं अनुष्ठेयानि कर्माणि

One should perform the karma for the sake of brahma jnAna

5)    अनुशास्तीत्यनुशासन शब्दात् अनुशासनातिक्रमे हि दोषोत्पत्तिः

In shruti, there is a command that urges to perform the karma which is called “anushAsti” which is the Ishwara’s instruction. One who trespasses this, accrues the sin of ignoring the command.

6)    पूर्वोपचित दुरितक्षयद्वारेण विद्योत्पत्यर्थानि कर्माणि

The purpose of the karma is to burn the sins accrued in previous births 

7)    उपायभूतानि हि कर्माणि विद्यांप्रति इत्यवोचाम । उपाये अधिकः यत्नः कर्तव्यः नोपेये ।

One should pay more attention to the means (ie., sAdhana) rather than end (the sAdhya)

8)    धर्मशब्दस्य अनुष्ठेय विषयात्वात् अननुष्ठानं प्रमादः स न कर्तव्यः अनुष्ठातव्य एव धर्म इति यावत्

By the word “dharma”, the inherent meaning given is “that which should be performed” and hence non-performance leads to pratyavAya doSa.  It has to be performed without fail.

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