[Advaita-l] Ten point program

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 12:53:47 CST 2017

In the work titled "Bhāmatī and Vivaraṇa Schools of Advaita Vedānta: A
Critical Approach", the author notes the below passage:

Sureshwara establishes a succession of stages leading to Liberation, as

1.   Performance of compulsory or obligatory actions's.

2.   Purification of the mind.

3.   Knowledge of the evanescence, utter unreality and valuelessness of the
world and empirical life's.

4.     Desire for renunciation of the utterly unreal and worthless world.

5.     Abandonment of all the three possible kinds of human seekings or
aspirations in human life

6.     An ardent desire for Self-realization.

7.     Actual renunciation of the world as far as practicable as a
consequence of the said desire.

8.     Resort to positive means, leading to the desired Brahma-realization,
namely Listening, Meditating and attainment of equipoise with the mind
fully purified.

9. Actual realization of Brahman and complete renunciation of empirical
life as a result of the seeker's awakening.

10 Attainment of the summum bonum, i.e. Liberation, or restoration of Jiva
to its real essence, that is, Brahman.

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