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At the beginning of the bhāṣya to the Bṛhadāraṇyakopaniṣat, Shankaracharya
says: सेयं षडध्यायी अरण्येऽनूच्यमानत्वादारण्यकम्  .

What is the meaning of the word 'aranya' here? It is a forest? Was/is there
any tradition of reciting/studying this upaniṣad (or any āraṇyaka part of
any veda) seated in a forest?

Anandagiri says: अथारण्यानुवचनादिनियमधीतवेदान्तानामपि....

In the foot note, the editor Vidvan S.Subrahmanya Śastri says: अरण्यं
प्राकृतजनासङ्कीर्णो देश: ।

Swami Brahmananda, translating it says: 'The Upaniṣad consisting of six
chapters is called 'Aranyaka' as it was taught in the forest (aranya).

I request scholars here to express their thoughts on the above
observations. Is there any story that says this upanishad was taught (for
the first time) in a forest ambiance?

This question was triggered by a recent thread in this forum on the
Mahabharata not to be kept or studied at home.

warm regards

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