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Swami ParamArthAnanda Ji in his New Year 2017 talk reminded devotees to move from 'Faith' ('shraddha') based 'Ishvara Bhakti' to one based on 'jnAnam'. i.e from 'Ishvara bhakti' to 'Isvara jnAnam'.

The problem in continuing as a 'faith based devotee', he reminded that, is running the risk of getting the 'belief' itself being dethroned and / or being the Isvara himself being short shrifted* ! 
'Faith' if not supported by 'jnAnam' can also be easily unseated by a strong challenger. It could be one's own life and its turbulence ! It doesn't take much time to start doubting the 'efficacy' of the personal 'saguNa Isvara' !
This becomes more pertinent in these times when science is gaining much upper hand in terms of defining, sustaining and even providing life and exhorting people from a very young age to NOT accept things blindly. Inquire, enquire, investigate, analyse, search, prove, question...are the modern day refrains. Intelligence is glorified most than in any previous times. So it becomes imperative to strengthen 'Isvara' with unshakeable 'jnAnam'.
This is done by the analysis of the Upanishads.
It attacks the problem of 'existence' of god indirectly by solving the equation: -
'bhagavan whom one has been worshipping all the time with bhakthi = bhakthaha'
This is achieved by 'shravaNa manana nidhidhyAsanam' of the 'Guru shAstRa upadesa' consistently and systematically for a period of time.
The route to this is parallely running as we keep praying to BhagavAn' who in 'HIS' nature of  'anantatwam' already carries the 6 fold powers, opulences - Aishwaryam, VIryam, yasas, sri, jnAna and vairAgya - in infinite measures.
So the message is - draw the strength from BhagavAn to face the unknown future with calmness, courage, peace and with competence to remain always cheerful and unvanquished.
With the prayer - 'om namo bhagavate anantaya**' - on our lips there ain't a problem one can't overcome. One will, with 'Isvara shraddha' gain 'paroksha jnAnam' and with 'Isvara jnAnam' gain 'aparoksha jnAnam' and attain 'jIvan mukthi'.
Swami Ji, a direct disciple of Swami Dayananda Ji and Swami Chinmayananda Ji also recaps a story (most of us know) which Swami Chinmayananda Ji quite often narrates very elaborately. The one of a Kings in an unusual Kingdom who have to abdicate every 5 years and are exiled into an impregnable forest from where escape is never possible. As the Kingship is available to any who is willing to accept this condition, many enterprising people took up the challenge enjoying the Kingship thoroughly only to find themselves at the sad dead end by the 5th year to be banished cruelly and unkindly for life into the dreadful forest. The Kings were literally dragged out of the palace to be thrown into the dangerous forest. But then came an intelligent King who ruled for 5 years and was walking out at the end of the 5th year cheerfully. On enquiry it turned out that during his tenure of 5 years he had secretly built another kingdom in the forest surprising everybody!
Thus an intelligent way of living, ever enjoying the present, but with an eye in the future, saved him the agony which others were tormented to!
Thus everyone of us, as we move from 'present sAmRAjyam' to the unknown 'future forest' may prepare oneself to face the uncertainties bravely, cheerfully and consummately at the same time thoroughly enjoying the 'sAmRAjyam'.
The 2nd Chapter of Bhagavad Gita is an armoury with unlimited arms one shall wear as one keeps moving into the days ahead. A few^ key ones shall certainly be looked into to handle the 'aparihArye.arthe'.
May this year 2017 lead us from 'shraddha' to 'jnAnam' and solidify our 'Bhakthi' to 'BhagavAn' which shall remain ever unshakeable.

*Krishna to Krsna to crsna to christ ..some of the idols in temples of organisations originated in the west draw a great amount of similarity with the church altar ! (no pun intended)

**'anantaaya' literally covers the entirety of BhagavAn which in turn gives one the confidence. What fear for the one who has the support of the powers infinite!
   - 'Ishvara bhakti' to.eml

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