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> Acharyal informed me, “When I saw that Brahmachari, I was struck with his
> sincerity. So, I requested Ambal, ‘Please provide him the answers he
> desires now itself.’ The kind of sincerity that this spiritual aspirant has
> deserves to be rewarded.” When I submitted to Acharyal what the Brahmachari
> had said, Acharyal joined His palms and said, “Ambal is so gracious.”
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Anyway, whenever I read incidents like this, my inquisitive mind starts
> asking the question : whether the questions themselves got dissolved in the
> mind of the shishyA or he got the 'answer' to his questions...For example,
> if the jignAsu has some doubt on some shAstra vAkya and wanted to ask
> that..after having the darshan if he says that he does not have any doubt,
> that means that whether he knows the correct vAkyArtha by the grace of god
> / guru or that saMshaya itself vanished ??  that is not clear atleast to
> me.  Perhaps that is the reason,  geetAchArya warns saMshayAtma-s like me,
> saMshayAtma vinashyati :-)

Samshaya vanishing is the same as they getting answered in the sense that
there is no need for any articulation by way of clarification. It can
happen to others in other circumstances too where for example while
studying one gets a clarification of the question under discussion and as a
corollary other doubts can get addressed.

One example is the Mundaka vakya  'bhidyate hrdaya granthi.....chidyante
sarva samshayāḥ' where the bhashyam says:  छिद्यन्ते सर्वे ज्ञेयविषयाः
संशयाः लौकिकानाम् आ मरणात् गङ्गास्रोतोवत्प्रवृत्ता विच्छेदमायान्ति ।   All
those doubts pertaining to the jneya that the loukika-s bear till death,
like the flow of the Gangā, will get dispelled upon the very realization of
the Truth.


> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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