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Dr. Usha

Am a medical doctor. working in a charitable institution. Attend teachings at 
local Ramakrishna Ashrama, on BhagavadGita, Sanat Sujateeya, Upanishadsetc... 
- i have read a few books on Advaita philosophy. - am trying to follow these 
principles in daily life, as also teachings of Karmayoga. Practising 
meditation from a few years;have been initiated to spiritual life.


Student of Advaita thro ten upanishads and shankara Bashyam. Student of Swami 
Paramarthananda. Senior Citizen, reside in India

Prabhakar A

I'm interested to read devotional articles.


My name is Chris and I am from England. I am interested in discussing

Vrushank Vyas

I am an MS Research student under Professor Navjyoti Singh at Centre for Exact 
Humanities at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. 
Throughout my undergrad years and on, I have had opportunities to partake in 
various discourses and courses having to do with Indic Arts, Philosophy and 
what could be called the Indic civilization. One of the aims of our centre is 
to find the roots of 'exact' humanities in the way the Indic culture has 
tackled the theories on Arts, Philosophy and other 'softer' disciplines as per 
the modern thought. This exactitude is found in the works of Panini, Bharata 
Muni, Kshemendra among many others. This inspires reverence for Sanskrit, 
among many other widely articulated merits of the language.

Gokul V

Dear friends,

I got introduced to Vedanta from talks by Shri Ramji (James Swartz) and Shri
Paramarthananda, Chennai.

At this stage, I am a beginner/ householder in this study and practice of
self inquiry. Looking forward to this virtual satsang to to progress on the

Thank you,

Saurabh Sharma

A student of life for life.

Kamal Ladsaria

I,Kamal age 66,last 4/5year been associated with Chinmaya Mission,Delhi had
opportunity to study Advait Vedanta namely Gita,Upanishads & few text of
Bhagwan Ramana Mahershi now at Kolkata like to continue my study.

Gopalen SV

I am 73 years old.I am married to a religious person. I run a business. I am
also religious and like going to temples with my wife. We are generally
happy about our lives and would like to help people to the best of our

Kalyan K


I am Kalyan and my home town is Hyderabad. I have general interest in
science and philosophy and history. I am not a traditional vedAntin and I
hope that does not disqualify me from becoming a member of the list.

Gowrish Bhaskar

I am a student of Sw. Dayananda Saraswati and Sw. Paramarthananda. I have been 
informally studying Vendatic texts which has been recommended by my guru.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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