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Praveenji - PraNAms
Thanks for your quick reply.
There is no problem if one says Jnaani enjoys the swaruupaanda as saakshi - that refers to the first line of the sloka 35 of shree Vidyaranya. 

In Tai. Up. shotriyasya akaamaya tasya - there the statement refers not pratibimba ananda since we are referring to nishkaama aananda. The happiness of a jnaani is always more than ajnaani since he has problem in gaining the object-happiness, problem in preserving it and problem in loosing it. Hence ajnaani's ananda is duHkhamisritatvam. 

 The second line of sloka 35 or Vidyaranya seems to refer to the pratibimba ananda arising from vishayaanada,  where a jnaani seems to  enjoy the ananda at the local body level and also the sum total of pratibimba ananda in all bodies. 

Vairagya should be applicable to both sukham and duHkam too- which Vidyaranya elsewhere refers to as upeskhya. Selective application of vairagya to duHkham, while rejoicing the sukham does not seem logical.
I heard one explanation is when two minds wants to Join, only love unites and makes them join. If they hate each other they cannot become one. There is Ku Klux Khan group in US which are made up of white Supremacists who hate color people. The group is based on hatred. But they join together since they love each other to form a group. Hence the binding force is love among them than hatred. Hatred dissipates while love unites. Hence if pratibiba ananda is related to love (for the objects), the love parts of all beings can be joined leaving out the dissipating suffering parts as they cannot join with each other. Hence a janani can enjoy the ananda of all jeevas put together since only ananda parts can join but not the suffering parts. 

One explanation.
Hari Om!Sadananda

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> What happens to the sum total of all sufferings?
> ​​

​​So too, all the sufferings, whether relating to his body or bodies of all
living beings, do not keep the jnAni away from enjoying svarUpAnanda as
pratibimbAnda, as he just a sAkShi of both bhogya sukha as well as duHkha,
completely asanghaH.


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