[Advaita-l] Brahma satyam jagan mithya - in Gaudapada Kārikā

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Hare Krishna

I think SSS tried to show Jagat is real as Brahman. But it is not right.

>  jaganmithyA endarenu ?  (what is jagan mithyA) Sri SSS clarifies  what is 'mithyA' when jagat is called so and what is satya when jagat is called brahmamaya.   BTW, there is a difference is saying 'jagat is as real as brahman' ( which Sri SSS has not said anywhere) and since for the jagat, brahman is the abhinna nimittOpadAna kAraNa, jagat does not have the independent existence apart from brahman ( which both shankara and Sri SSS reiterated in their various works).  But it is better to keep aside Sri SSS works here to avoid the 'knots of eyebrows' of somany prabhuji-s here in this group.  Better to stick to shankara and shankara alone whose works are common premise for all of us in these discussions.  

 If we say Jagat is Satya as Brahman we are agreeing with Sri Vaishnavas and Dvaitis. What is special about Advaita?

>  I don’t know what vaishNava dvaitins say about it ( I don’t think they agree with advaitin's abhinnatva between upAdAna and nimitta kAraNa of this jagat) I am talking about what is 'vedAnta maryAda' in Advaita tradition.  

It is JaganMithyaatva only. The Diversity filled world is unreal. When you think about Jagat you can think only about Diversity filled world. 

>  diversity is the beauty of the world which is nothing but Shakti of the shaktimAn...Hence jnana does not remove the existing bhedAkAra per se, it only removes the bheda 'buddhi' which is avidyA kalpita...

The Sruti says that is unreal. Like when you are looking at Pot you may look at Mud only but you are also looking at Name and Form of Pot. You cannot look at only Mud in Pot without looking at Pot and the shape of Pot. It is not possible. 

>  hence shankara says kAryAkArOpi kAraNa rUpasya satyameva..kAryAkAra too karaNa svarUpa only.  That which  not its svarUpa cannot be created clarifies shankara in sUtra bhAshya.

If  you want to look at and experience only Mud in the Pot you must break the Pot completely and make it into Mud.

>  A professional goldsmith does not have to break the ring to see the 'gold' in the ring... for him the 'ring' is badhita from the gold point of view and even he is seeing the ring his buddhi would cognize only gold since he knows that there is no ring if the gold is not there in ring.  

Similarly if you want to say Jagat is Brahman and real the World must completely be destroyed. 

>  not necessary and not possible also...even jnana does not have that capacity to destroy anything that is already existing.  What needs to be realized is sarmAtmakatvaM.  

You cannot say that without destroying World.
This is Prapancha Upashamana. After Prapancha Upashamana Brahman remains. In this way we can say Jagat is Brahman but not otherwise.

>  what needs to be done in the process of prapancha pravilayaM/ prapancha upashamanaM, shankara explains somewhere...it is not like melting the solid ghee with the help of fire...it is something else...we shall see that sometime in future.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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