[Advaita-l] Brahma satyam jagan mithya - in Gaudapada Kārikā

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Feb 22 05:50:24 EST 2017

Hare Krishna

Sri Bhaskar has spent lot of energy in saying Jagat is Brahman. Jagat as Brahman is real. 

>  Yes, it is as good as saying ring as gold is real.  

True everything is Brahman. But what comes to your mind when you say Jagat? It is the Jagat of Names and Forms. Nobody will think in his mind Jagat is Niraakaara Nirguna Object. He will always have in mind many Names and Forms.

>  if the 'you' in your above question pointed towards ajnAni, his is the drushti which is swayed by parichinna upAdhi, hence called avidyA drushti and in that drushti, this jagat is asarvaM, abrhma etc. And again, if you are posing this question to samyakdarshi / jnAni, the answer is : kArya kAraNa saMbandhaH brahmavAdinaH kathaM iti chet??  Na tasya tAdAtmyalakshaNasaMbandhOpapateH..for him HE is the anna, HE is the annAda and HE himself is the shlOkakarta...exclaims taittereeya..

 Therefore the Sruti has told us the Names and Forms are not real. They are not Brahman. The Names and Forms are Mithya. This Naama Roopa Jagat is Mithya. The Vikaara of Brahman to Naama Roopa is not real.

>  vikAra of brahman to nAma rUpa is not allowed in Advaita as brahman is nirvishesha and nirvikAra. But kAryAkAra (nAma rUpa) is not Atma vyatirikta for the brahma jnAni, sarvaM khalvidaM brahman and this brahman is ekaM sat but viprAH bahudA vadanti.  Sa cha bAhyalOkO nAsyasmAkaM AtmavyatiriktaH because sarvaM hi asmAkaM AtmabhUtameva...there is no existence for kAryAkAra 'ring' apart from 'gold' hence kAryAkAra ring too satyameva because it is nothing but 'gold'.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS :  Are we once again staring  journey into the 'mithyA jagat' :-) Hope not so!!

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