[Advaita-l] Brahma satyam jagan mithya - in Gaudapada Kārikā

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Namaste Sri Chandramouliji,

Please could you elaborate the basis by which one should consider
bhesdAbheda vAdins such as BhAskara as advaitins?

You mention that they hold Brahman and jIva to be the same, but my
understanding is that BhAskara in particular, holds that relationship to be
an amsha-amshi one - which is a bhedAbheda relationship, not an abheda
relationship which would imply they are the same.

Further, his view is that each jIva upAdhi to be satya, therefore
postulating multiple real entities. He also is a pariNAma vAdin and
therefore holds cause and effect to be equally satya.

That being so can he truly be termed an advaitin, who holds that there is
no real entity other than Brahman?


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Reg  << If we say Jagat is Satya as Brahman we are agreeing
with Sri Vaishnavas and Dvaitis.>>,

Not so. This view was also advanced by advaitins like Sri Bhartruprapancha
(prior to Sri Bhagavatpada) and Sri Bhaskara, Sri Yadavaprakasha (Both
later to Sri Bhagavtpada). They are also considered advaitins because they
held Brahman and Jiva to be the same. They are advaitins who are termed
Brahmaparinama vAdins as opposed to other advaitins who follow the sidhanta
advanced by Sri Bhagavatpada and are termed Brahmavivarta vAdins.

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