[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Pāśupata, Pāncharātra, etc. composed by Śiva and Viṣṇu as mohaka śāstra

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> How can you reconcile
>  1. The Pāśupata and Pāncharātra are both doctrines composed for deluding
>    those who are outside the vedic fold
> तस्माद्धि वेदबाह्यानां रक्षणार्थाय पापिनाम्
> and even if we assume that they will come to the vedic fold in janmanthara
> how can some thing
> which leads them to vaidica nishtha in janmanthara can be considered as
> vimohanaya.

​It can be considered because those path obstruct him from treading on
vaidika-mArga in this birth. So, they are for deluding them only in this
Now, if they are for deluding, how could you say that they are for their
protection? Because, these paths are anyway taking him to God through
upAsanA and karma-kANDa (tAntrika-Agamika). The devotion which generates
because of that destroys their sin and then they may start liking
vaidika-mArga in future births.

> . All this appears to be self contradictory.

​No, it's not if you consider in the way I've said.

> This was the ruse employed against Lord Buddha. The whole thing does not
> make sense.

​shaky-muni was similar to these paths in the sense that he opposed veda-s
and took people away from vaidika-mArga. So, he deluded.
How he protected? By teaching them ahiMsA and other good qualities.

So, it comes that we are accepting that those paths are not absolutely bad
or good, instead they are good in a sense and bad in other.

Next questions may be, how could we decide that vaidika-mArga is best and
they lead to it?
And, if God wants to protect them, why he created a path to delude them?

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