[Advaita-l] Wonderful list of adjectives for samsAravRkSha

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Feb 17 02:47:37 EST 2017



कदलीस्तम्भवत् निःसारः non-substantial being like a stem of banana


Well that is where it is !!

After taking the bananas, the tree is cut-off.  It is of no use to those who relish bananas. 
Those who still cling to it, try to relish the stem.

For Atmavits, the samsaara is nissAra after getting the "swaanubhava" (the plantain).

The ajnAnis still cling to samsAra and try to find out whether anything enjoyable
can be found out or not? 

This is my explanation :))


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