[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Pāśupata, Pāncharātra, etc. composed by Śiva and Viṣṇu as mohaka śāstra

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All this appears to be self contradictory.


A similar stance is also seen in 31st shloka of सौन्दर्यलहरी while stating the importance 
of श्रीविद्या as स्वतंत्र तंत्रम् in compared to rest of the 64 tantra-s that delude the people
to acquire siddhis.

चतुः-षष्टया तन्त्रैः सकल मतिसन्धाय भुवनं
स्थितस्तत्त्त-सिद्धि प्रसव परतन्त्रैः पशुपतिः ।
पुनस्त्व-न्निर्बन्धा दखिल-पुरुषार्थैक घटना-
स्वतन्त्रं ते तन्त्रं क्षितितल मवातीतर-दिदम् ॥ 31 ॥

However, as you observed, when the objective is उद्धरण​ of those outside the vedic-fold,
a more respected explanation needs to be provided which has already been done by 

A more bolder statement was used by Bhagavan Krishna vide BG 9.32 with the
reference as पापयोनयः.  Sometimes, I get bogged down with this why this so-called
derogatory word has been used.  This was the reason, the BG books were burnt 
in Bangalore by dalits and social activists.


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