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Actually I was about to make a request to find that work mentioned by the
author. If anyone knows about it please give details.

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> > 'Pāṣaṇḍagajakesarī' by the author (Sri Abhinava Shankaracharya).
> ​Any copy of this work?
> I think that it is identical with *kaulagajamarddanaH *of ​
> *kRRiShNAnanda-achalaI(giriH/parvataH)*. This work was published years ago
> in form of letho. Then it appeared on my website a few years ago.
> There is another similar work of *bhaTTojI dIxitaH* called
> *tantrAdhikAranirNayaH* which was published from *kAshI* a long ago, then a
> better version was edited by *Ashok Kumar Kaliya* and published.
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