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praNAms Sri Venkat prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In line with avastha thrya view,  vasana is so strong that even in jagrat avastha, it does jeeva kalpita - correlating to vedanta in cinema songs. Unlike (avidya) boss or Maya shakti wife, these songs are unreal. Concluding to good or bad is seems to be to early from my end.    On sideline, extending,  on one side cinema songs were having strong vasana and thinking about virtual reality started making things much more harder.

Ø   As I told you it is indeed a good saMskAra, which I think you have developed over the years during your vedAnta study.  It is good that you are correlating vedAnta vichAra while enjoying even cinema songs.  It is not other way round fortunately as in the case of purely loukikaa-s who occasionally touch the grantha-s to know ‘something’ about vedAnta.  I have seen the people  while  doing the mananaM of veda / vedAnta vichAra skipping them all of a sudden and engaging themselves in  mundane material pursuits  and started  chatting about the  loukika vichAra.

A sudden stop came to me that as I felt vedantic sravana with more of Upamana which I started feeling that it is result of thamasic bhudhi and let me observe / contemplate directly.

Ø   I don’t know the exact reason of your aversion towards upamAna and strangely thinking that understanding the vedAnta through upamAna is tAmasik buddhi.  For that matter Upanishads themselves use upamANa through which we can easily understand the subtelities of siddhAnta.  It is because of this reason only Upanishads use examples like hala, nakhakruntani, ghata, AbharaNa etc.  I heard in one of the discourses that some Upanishad has used the example of saNdhita (pickle)  as well … mouthwatering is it not?? ☺

An intro to Sankara Bhashya on BG made me to think this way and it is my pRarabhda blocking me not to pursue with Sankara Bhashya (none to blame and even the self - uddhared atmana)...

Ø     And in the introduction to geeta bhAshya, as you know Acharya himself uses upamAna to explain the ‘beauty’ of geeta..sarvOpanishadO gAvO, dOgdhA gOpAla nandanaH, dugdhaM geetAmrutaM mahat..etc. So, explaining the vedAntic truths through  various upamAna-s is not a strange practice nor tAmasic in the Advaita tradition.

Anyway prabhuji it is my opinion.  You are welcome to follow your own approach to reach the goal.  May almighty bless you.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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