[Advaita-l] A wonderful string of adjectives for Brahman

Sriram Sankaranarayanan ssriram1992 at icloud.com
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That was excellent to read! Can you or somebody well versed in sanskrit
translate (explain?) those adjectives, I couldn't understand a few of them.


Hamsah Soham

2017-02-15 5:05 GMT-05:00 V Subrahmanian via Advaita-l <
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> A wonderful string of adjectives for Brahman
> In the Mundaka bhashya 3.2.7 Shankara while stating the process of
> realization the the Truth writes a beautiful sentence filled with 'rasa':
>  त एते कर्माणि विज्ञानमयश्च आत्मा उपाध्यपनये सति *परे अव्यये अनन्तेऽक्षये
> ब्रह्मणि आकाशकल्पेऽजेऽजरेऽमृतेऽभयेऽपूर्वेऽनपरेऽनन्तरेऽबाह्येऽद्वये शिवे
> शान्ते *सर्वे एकीभवन्ति अविशेषतां गच्छन्ति एकत्वमापद्यन्ते जलाद्याधारापनय
> इव सूर्यादिप्रतिबिम्बाः सूर्ये, घटाद्यपनय इवाकाशे घटाद्याकाशाः ॥
> A total of 16 viśeṣaṇa-s for Brahman!!  No doubt they are all strewn across
> various upaniṣadic texts. Yet to state them all in one place must be due to
> a special inspiration that the Acharya had at that moment.
> These are all svarupa lakṣaṇa words, mostly in the niṣedha mode and
> sparsely vidhi mode.  Members can give more explanation on analyzing these
> words.
> I was drawn to this sentence while reading the nice Kannada book
> 'śānkarabhāṣyāmṛtam', a collection of 60 passages from the prasthānatraya
> bhāṣya by Vidvan Sri K.G.Subraya Sharma. This book is in commemoration of
> his sixty-day discourse during the Shankara Jayanti Celebrations 2016 at
> Bangalore.
> regards
> subbu
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