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Hare Krishna

What is Prathipasika? If it is Pratibhasika Satyam yes every thing in the world is Pratibhasika only because it is like a dream object. 

>  however, shankara differentiates between dream and waking world objects and says dream objects donot have even an iota of pAramArthikatvaM in it.  What we see in jAgrat is Ishwara srushti and svapna is jeeva kalpita.  Though these clarifications from bhAshyakAra as an answer to pUrvapaxi, when it comes to vAvakArika satyatvam of jAgrat jagat the adhishtAnam is brahman only.  And again from the PPO, ultimately Atman has the three different avasthA-s and those three avasthA-s are svapna only since our Atma svarUpa is avasthAteeta and nirvishesha rUpa.

Film songs may say World is a dream. It is also correct. But we cannot get Jnana from film songs. It is like a small boy saying E=MCsquared without knowing what is the meaning. Will you learn Physics from the small boy's sayings?

>  sometimes, a punching quote  from novel, a punching dialogue from our favorite hero, a punching line of a song could prompt us to dive deep into the truth embedded in those lines, its all depends on the saMskAra what we have...And an uttama adhikAri can get the realization / svarUpa jnana from those lines who knows??   paramahaMsa rAmakrishna used to get samAdhistiti after hearing some vyAvahArika daily usage word which is remotely related to the 'truth'...

To Sri Venkatachalapathi prabhuji :

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 10:27 AM, Venkatachalapathi G via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> I have been blessed to listen vedantic views and reading for couple of 
> years.  Off-late got a forced break and try to live like a normal 
> person who dont know any of this..

>>  May I know why this forced break  from the vedAnta??  And why you are thinking those who are in touch with vedAnta are not a normal person :-) ??

> But finding it very difficult and even in cinema songs linking 
> upanishad statements. this comes effortlessly when I left these consciously...

>>  that shows the saMskAra / vAsana created during your vedAnta adhyayana.  IMO, that saMskAra without your knowledge philosophizing the normal activity of your life.  In a way, don’t you think it is good ??

>  Is this feeling/contemplation of associating vedanta is yet another
> prathipasika or a path every one crossed ?   seeking guidance.

>> again, IMO, there is nothing wrong in seeing the vedAnta in our day to day mundane activities...I often associate my boss to avidyA and my wife to mAyAshakti :-)

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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